Cai Palmiter, MBA

Global Marketing Professional in Los Angeles, California

Cai Palmiter, MBA

Global Marketing Professional in Los Angeles, California

Hey there! I'm Cai Palmiter, a Global Marketing Professional currently calling Los Angeles, California home. I thrive in the dynamic world of marketing, where I combine my expertise in Global Marketing, Branding, and Product Management to create impactful strategies that leave a lasting impression.

But hey, I'm not just a marketing whiz! I've got a whole bunch of interests that keep me balanced and inspired. Photography is one of my passions, allowing me to capture the beauty and uniqueness of the world around me. Whether it's freezing a candid moment or capturing the essence of a breathtaking landscape, photography helps me express my creative side.

When I'm not busy strategizing or snapping photos, you'll find me exploring the culinary world, relishing in the joys of good food. I believe that food is not just nourishment for the body but also an avenue for culture and connection. And let's not forget about leisure! Taking the time to unwind and engage in activities that bring me joy is vital for maintaining a well-rounded lifestyle.

Travel is another aspect of my life that brings me immense joy and fulfillment. It's through exploring different countries, immersing myself in new cultures, and embracing the unknown that I gain a deeper appreciation for the world and its people. Travel allows me to gather stories, connect with diverse communities, and understand the power of human connection.

You might have come across some of my achievements in the industry. Articles such as FSR: Next Gen Trendsetters and QSR: Women in Restaurant Leadership on Breaking Barriers have showcased my dedication and impact. These moments remind me of the importance of breaking boundaries, inspiring others, and carving a path for future generations.

I'm a passionate individual, driven by new challenges and fueled by the desire to make a difference. If you're interested in collaborating or just want to say hello, feel free to reach out using the button above. And don't hesitate to connect with me on social media too—I'm always up for stimulating conversations and exchanging ideas.

Let's come together and create a world where innovation meets inspiration. Cheers!

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FSR: Next Gen Trendsetters

QSR: Women in Restaurant Leadership on Breaking Barriers

  • Education
    • MBA in Marketing and Global Management
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