Cai Palmiter, MBA

Global Marketing Professional in Outer Banks

Cai Palmiter, MBA

Global Marketing Professional in Outer Banks

Meet Cai Palmiter, a visionary in Global Marketing. Her expertise in Branding and Product Management has transformed marketing strategies into powerful narratives, leaving a lasting mark in the industry.

Professional Expertise: With a focus on Global Marketing, Cai specializes in crafting compelling brand stories and innovative product management. Her strategies are not just about promoting a product or service; they delve into creating a memorable experience that resonates with audiences worldwide.

Life Beyond Work: Cai is a connoisseur of the culinary arts. She sees food as more than sustenance—it's a gateway to cultures and a medium for connection. Balancing her professional drive, she indulges in leisure activities that fuel her creativity and well-being.

Passion for Travel: Travel is Cai's canvas for inspiration. Her journeys across the globe enrich her understanding of diverse cultures and human connections, infusing her work with unique insights and a global perspective.

Industry Recognition: Cai's contributions have been recognized in leading industry publications like FSR and QSR, highlighting her role as a trendsetter and a leader breaking barriers in the restaurant industry. Notably, she has earned acclaim in both the F&B and NASCAR communities. Her strategic role in introducing JINYA to the NASCAR scene, notably through a partnership with Kyle Larson and Hendrick Motorsports, has been a groundbreaking achievement. She is also credited for her influence in shaping the future of casual dining through the NextGen Casual Council. She is the cover for FSR Magazine January 2024 issue, recognizing JINYA as the Breakout Brand of the Year and most recently named as one of the 2024 NRN Power List - Top 50 Marketing Executives and Influencers.

Collaboration and Networking: Driven by a passion for innovation and a commitment to making a difference, Cai is open to collaborative opportunities. Her enthusiasm for engaging in meaningful dialogues makes her an ideal partner for those looking to blend creativity with business acumen.


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    • MBA in Marketing and Global Management
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