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Validating Social Sentiments

Do you act and join social movements on an impulse? Do you ever take the time to weigh the pros and cons of situations before jumping in the bandwagon? Do you ever validate your social sentiments about certain issues and topics? I ask these questions because I’ve seen most of us never take the time to read up and know the back stories of every current affairs happening around us.

I see so much anger and division in our society lately. So much blaming, hatred and yet no accountability on every issues that our society is facing. It feels like we’re losing our values and identities over matters that once was never an issue or a big deal.

What should we do?

We┬áneed to learn how to evaluate situations and be rational with our reactions. Seek for the truth. I know that’s hard especially when the truth is covered with lies. But that should not stop us from being vigilant. It’s easy to get trapped in a society full of deceitfulness but if you have a principle that you firmly believe and practice, we can all make a difference in so many ways other than expressing mere sentiments. Read, research and then act. Stop reacting, do something instead. There goes my two cents.

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