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Marketing: The Way I know it!

I need to make a difference! I have to make a difference!

This post was inspired by a group of professionals on twitter that has become a huge part of my learning process, growing and braving the world of Social Media and Marketing here in the land of Uncle Sam.

I consider myself as an advocate of traditional marketing. Message is important; it should be of good quality and should integrate values all the time. Traditional marketing boast a certain level of recall and retention because it is intended to relate to the situations that we deal with everyday, making it more personal. It is very unique and takes time to conceptualize and be implemented. This used to be the marketing that I once knew.

Culture Shocked!

Moving here in the US was a leap of faith. I don’t know what lies ahead of us. I don’t know the difference of living here; what entails to fit in the society until I had a glimpse of my very first Western commercial on TV. I was in awe; shocked suffice it to say. It was hard-selling, straightforward, humorous and more often than not of less quality. Why?  Then I asked myself, is this how to market products/services here? What was the intended message of those products?

New Media – Social and Compelling

I did my best fitting in to the needs of this society – giving in to the needs of the market. But the more I try, the more I get into this realization – there is a need to revolutionize marketing here in the US. We don’t have to reinvent the wheel, there’s just a need to incorporate significant values to the message which fellow marketers/advertisers want to convey to consumers. It is one of the few ways we can redeem order in this society (Less crime rates like juvenile delinquency, less divorce rate, less discrimination, etc). It is time to bring back integrity and quality to this society. So far I’ve seen more of this in the Social Media Industry; surprisingly, it connects to people more on a personal level. The goal of spreading awareness particularly engaging, sharing and contributing for the welfare of others has been more effective, compelling and appealing to the public.

Marketing, the way I know it is full of positivity regardless of a hard day’s work, a struggling financial situation, health failure and any personal circumstances which prevent one from moving forward. Marketing, the way I know it is something that brings and gives HOPE to everyone. It reflects very well on the product. How do you create a compelling marketing?
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