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Is this thing on?

Cai Palmiter, MBAIs this thing on?

Taking three years to follow-up on a blog post is pretty darn depressing. There are no excuses. Yes, I got lazy and terrified at the same time. Writing is my nemesis. I don’t think I can live up to people’s expectations and criticism.

Why start again?

Why not? I felt like the hiatus from social media (twitter and blogosphere) has open my mind into many things. Things I didn’t think that I’d be passionate about. Unavoidable circumstances that led me to thinking about my future and my son’s future. I’m truly inspired by so many young couples and individuals making a difference in their lives by choosing to do what they love to do – sharing their passion and experiences through blogging. So I thought,  why not share my interesting life to the world; from migrating to the US to learning how to be domesticated (cooking, baking and driving a car), name it.

Asian Crossover

I’ve recently launched “Asian Crossover” as a way to express my love for cooking, travel and photography. After unexpectedly getting laid off from a local job a couple of months ago, it made me think and worry so much of the inconvenience it put us through and thought of having an outlet to share my daily activities to keep myself busy and just leave my worries behind. It felt good to have something to do and look forward to doing everyday.

P.S. I just joined Essence Labs as a Marketing Director (Consultant) and hoping that we get some actions in the next couple of weeks. Safe to say, I think I’m back on full swing again. *Happy Dance*

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