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Inspirations and Aspirations

It’s not new in the digital world; tragedy seems like a greater source for inspirations to many. As awkward as it may seem, the tragedy-inspired stories rise above the “tragedy” itself and then the real “tragedy” becomes a by-product. How sad is that, to¬†wait for these moments to be inspired, to awaken one’s soul and then make a difference? But what makes even worse is the fact that some stories are daily struggles that we should all acknowledge and know that it exist everywhere. The challenge is to get the word out about these struggles, learn to face and cope with it as a community and help find a solution. Inspiration is everywhere while aspiration is rare. Let us challenge each other to aspire to be unique, do better things, act more and be less indifferent. The time is now to be inspired with your own aspirations and not someone else’s tragedy.

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