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EyeEm Round Up

About a month ago, my sister Macs encouraged me to join EyeEm. EyeEm is a photo editing app with a global community of creative photographers; both amateurs and professionals. I must admit, I got really hooked. It’s not just an app to upload your photos but a community that inspires fellow enthusiasts to take better photos and look beyond the image that one is capturing; give a deeper meaning to each photos. It’s not Instagram by all means. I like the fact that there’s a community blog, EyeEm Round up for up and coming photographers of the week and a weekly mission where I can take part and share my photos. Here’s my EyeEm Round Up since I joined this community. If you are like me and you like taking pictures or you just admire great photography in general, join or follow me on EyeEm. See you on the other side of Social Media. 😉

EyeEm Round Up

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