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Choose your battles

Choose your BattlesI must confess, I’ve changed a lot in less than a year. The hardships that I’ve encountered early this year has taught me a lot of things. This year, I left no room for whining, blaming and self-pitying. I’ve learned to move on with life and go where the wind takes me. I’ve learned to forgive and pray for my enemies. Life is too short. Don’t let your struggles and critics control how you’re going to live your life. Have enough courage and motivation to face life’s challenges. Choose your battles. Trust me, there’s more to life than what you think life should be. Be kind, be gentle and trust in Him. The journey hasn’t been that easy but hard work and persistence has taken me this far in life. Now, I just take things day by day and be grateful for what I have than dwell on the things that I could not get or situations that I have no control over. Seize the day!

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